Monday, December 15, 2008

My Courageous Friend Chops Off All Her Hair!

Robyn is my Shero. (female hero!) She's always wanted to have super short hair because hair has been a kind of security blanket for her. ( I can identify!) So, with the help of her two friends for moral suport, (me and Cherish) we went with her to the salon.

Here she is before with her boyfriend, Edsel:

We brought these pictures of Winona Ryder:

And after some tears and getting over the feeling that she couldn't recognize who she was looking at, she finally grew into this amazing haircut! Robyn, you're gorgeous no matter what!
(We didn't have time to do the pictures for the makeover so I did the photo shoot mostly in the car on our way to dropping me off at the train station!)

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Ed said...

She is beautiful with short hair.