Thursday, May 28, 2009

Makeovers for MidoriLei La Petite Fleur

I sell kimono style dresses over at All my models are friends of mine.

Rachael designs highways in San Antonio. She was my childhood best friend.

She is tall and reminds me of a young Brooke Shields. She has piercing blue eyes. Doesn't the blue in the dress capture her blue eyes?!

Here I am with my friend Venitra. Everyone calls her V. She's going to be an amazing nurse someday!

She looked lovely in the gray and black kimono dress!

I've known Robyn since college. She helped me move up to Seattle, and hit the road with me on a whim. I love her to pieces.

Right now she has a rad short haircut, but back when she had long hair, she modeled a dress for me. I thought this one looked great, especially with the trees in the background:

I know Kim from church. She has an amazing voice and a carefree personality. And yes, she's a myspace diva!

She takes stunning close-ups!

and lastly, Elisa is one of my former students. She's going to do amazing things in the future- things that are very Alias-esque.

I had her model a salmon and peach colored dress. She looks so lovely and feminine!

Thanks to all these lovely ladies for being awesome models for me!

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